Get in the groove

with Groovie!

A personal development product that promotes a goal-setting mindset by empowering kids to create and maintain goals

Price $65

The price includes five interchangeable different color wristbands

Make a goal of setting

a lifelong habit with Groovie

A fun, interactive, wearable and digital friend that empowers kids to set, maintain and track their daily goals.


How it works



Customize your Groovie on the mobile app


Choose three goals from 5 categories to complete weekly


Track the goals on the wearable


Grow your Groovie by completing the goals to gain more experience


Unlock special accessories when mastering a goal 


Bringing you the best quality of design 


Healthy Routines

Helping kids to set goals in these five health categories: exercise, academic, nutrition, social, other



Allowing kids to take responsibility in the goal setting process



Interactive avatar named Groovie that grows based on goals achieved


Family Bonding

Weekly report send to the parents to keep track of kids progress

Multi-platform  application

Groovie is available on wearable, mobile app and web-browser

"This device has become a great communication tool between my kids and me" 

-- Oswald, father of two middle schoolers


Team Dahlia

Benjamin Fielstra

Data Analyst

Jinny Han

Product Manager

Shirley Lin

UX Designer

Evan Vollick-Offer

Design + Engineer

Jiaxue Yan

Project Manager

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